Oce print driver Cleaner 11  - use to completely remove Oce drivers, helps with multiple version problems (works great only if Windows Registry is not corrupt)
TDS, TCS, PlotWave, ColorWave series for Windows XP thru Win7.64
Note:  Printer Port info – Oce drivers work better and faster using a true LPR port.  Windows doesn’t always install this automatically, but rather a IP_standard_port which will also work, but requires more configuration.  Different versions call it different things such as Unix printing, LPR, LPD, and Other Print services.
PlotWave, ColorWave, TDS, TCS series for Windows XP thru Win8.1


** Disclaimer **  Digital Now, Inc. provides these drivers and links as a courtesy from the manufacturers and is not responsible for their installation, use, compatibility, troubleshooting, or results.
General Note:   CAD users - If you plan to use CAD type programs, and plan to share configuration files (PC3, PMP, etc.), then the print drivers must be installed Exactly the Same on each workstation, or be shared on a server. So, document your installation, including every name, space, IP address, queue name, capital letter, etc. to make reinstallation and future installs easier.
Print Drivers
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Oce printers



For other drivers or the latest Oce/Canon drivers, visit http://www.oce.com or https://csa.canon.com/online/portal/csa/csa/home/ Then “Customer Support” and “Oce Drivers and Downloads”
Firmware and Drivers for HP Designjet plotters, visit http://www8.hp.com/us/en/drivers.html


For the latest KIP plotter drivers, visithttp://www.kip.com