Oce printers
PELT: Print Exec LT 1.3.16  – older batch submission program, requires a license.
* If your PlotWave or ColorWave printer is Mobile enabled, there will be a “Mobile” icon on the Express WebTools page when connecting to the IP Address or Name, via your network.
* The System Administrator enters the configuration information on the printer controller interface. With this information you can generate and print the Quick Response Card. The Quick Response Card contains the QR Code, and it contains information on how to connect to the Océ Mobile WebTools.
* Mobile Quick Reference Guides are located on theHelpful Documents page.
Oce Publisher Mobile Info  advanced submission tool.   
Oce Publisher Select 1.16  advanced submission tool for batch printing and custom print jobs to PlotWave and ColorWave printers.
** Disclaimer **  Digital Now, Inc. provides these drivers and links as a courtesy from the manufacturers and is not responsible for their installation, use, compatibility, troubleshooting, or results.
(The blue buttons will direct you to a download page for the software. The red buttons will download documents automatically) 


For the latest KIP software, visit http://www.kip.com

For other Oce software or for the latest version, visit http://www.oce.com  or https://csa.canon.com/online/portal/csa/csa/home/ Then “Customer Support” and “Oce Drivers and Downloads” and pick your printer.

Note: One activation file per license is all that is needed now, but must be loaded with each install.

Link to get the new license file  http://www.activate.oce.com/

Remote Logic 12.13  For remote access and configuration of TDS controllers 300, 320, 400, 450, 600, 800, 860 and TCS 300, 400, 500.
Tip: verify program directory is not set to “read only” or program will not function properly.
1.3.16 is needed to work with Windows7.
Oce Express WebTools Mobile   submission tool for Mobile devices 
Remote Logic 1.9  For remote access and configuration of TDS controllers 700, 750.